Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Coffee and a Journal

I'm sitting at Butterfields restaurant right now drinking a delicious cup of coffee and listening to various conversations going on around me.  It is amazing to hear what is on the minds of people.  Everything from health, children, travel, economy, latest book read, latest movie seen, latest item purchased... who's seeing who, and who wants to be seeing whom; who got a job and who's worried about losing their job.

I mostly hear just the "everyday stuff"... picking up the kids from school, dropping one off at daycare, get the milk honey, don't forget to pay the car payment and did you get the oil changed?  Just the day-to-day business of life.

I use to go through my day just like that.  Mosey-ing along thinking of nothing but me and the moment - just assuming I'll have a million more moments.  Sometimes you get a wake up call that shakes you to the core and opens your eyes to the realization that those "moments" can come to a sudden and complete stop at any time.  That is an experience that changes you and causes you to be very AWARE of EVERY moment.  No more assuming things will be the same tomorrow as they are today.

I had my "wake-up" call about 2 1/2 yrs ago.  I woke up in the morning with my husband of 29 years by my side, and went to bed that night alone, never to have the right side of my bed filled again.  Never to hear his big loud laugh, nor smell the Old Spice cologne he loved... (seriously he loved it).

One minute life was filled with possibilities and hope, and the next it was filled with questions and a book full of empty pages.  Each of us deal with thos "eye-opening" experiences differently.  I can only hope I've learned a great lesson through my experience.  I believe I'm more dependant on the Lord to see me through, rather than a person or things.  Oh don't get me wrong, things are nice, and people are great, but both can be gone in a blink of an eye.  Your hope and trust must be in something that is solid and eternal.  Something that doesn't change, shift, leave, abandon, get bored, disappointed or tired.  The only thing I have found that fits that description is the Lord Jesus Christ, and what He left us:  His word, the Bible.

Honestly, He is the only one that can make the promise, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."  And He is the only one who has EVER told me, "I have loved you with an everlasting love."  Those are statements that a woman can only dream about ever hearing from a man!  It would be wonderful to experience that kind of love in the flesh (and while I'm still living on this planet called Earth- you bet), but if I never do experience that, then I am content knowing that the King of Kings, of ALL creation, calls me his daughter and loves me like nobody else ever can!  He watches over me in all my ways and all my days.  He stays quite busy trying to help me through my mistakes and flub-ups and crazy detours I get myself on at times.

He brings just the right people into my life and He is their to love, encourage and comfort me when I get lonely.  He puts joy in my heart and a smile on my face when I get weary.  And...he reminds me daily that he knows my name, and he hasn't forgotten me.

What more could a girl ask for?  So while I'm enjoying a cup of great coffee and a stack of chocolate chip pancakes, and the world is going about its business around me; I have a mission to complete... Living life to its fullest!

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