Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 2 Do You Ever Feel Invisible?

Do you ever feel invisible? There are times in my life when I feel invisible. Today is one of those days. Its strange how the one person that you really want to be seen by, doesn't seem to see me at all.

I ask myself all the time, why does it matter so much that they see me? The only answer I can come up with is because they matter to me. I care about them and love them, so I want them to care and love me too. Is that so strange? It's human nature to want to be loved. Our parents love us, our siblings love us, our children love us. Those 'loves' are expected and just understood between each other, for the most part. Even though you may not speak for months at a time, it never makes you thing "gee, he must not love me anymore."

But there are other kinds of love that come from those outside the "blood relationship" that is purely a voluntary choice. That person chooses to care and love you. When that happens, at least for me, life becomes balanced, and settled. I want to open up and share. I have a desire to find out everything I can about that person. Big or little, it doesn't matter. When something happens in my day, they are the first person I want to share it with.

Someone said one time that "love demands fellowship". Well, I don't know if it demands it, but I do know that its essential for love to grow and be healthy and strong. Without it, love will just dry up, whither and eventually become a pot without a plant - invisible. If its a marriage that is experiencing this, you just become a blank page or canvass with nothing on it. If its a relationship, and you experience this, you become introverted, withdrawn, afraid of rejection and unimportant.

There is only one thing worse than someone that only talks about themselves, and that is someone who never asks about you. Do you ever talk with someone who asks how your day is, and you say "good"; but before you can even say one more word about your day, they start talking about theirs. I don't know why, but that makes me feel pretty invisible. A few months ago, I came back to work after being gone for 10 days, and not one single person said "hi", "how was your vacation?" or even "where were you?"

Talk about feeling invisible! I guess feeling invisible isn't really so bad. I read in the Bible where it speaks of God's "invisible qualities" and the "image of the invisible God" and my favorite: I Timothy 1:17 "Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever." Amen.

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