Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Morning Journey

My alarm went off at 7AM sharp this morning, and with the volume blaring some Latino/Mexican music, it was enough to shake me awake in short order!  Turning on my shower to get the bathroom nice and steamy, I went and turned my red-teapot on to get the water hot for my coffee.  I paused to read my daily devotions from a great little book called "Grace For The Moment" by Max Lucado.  Today's nugget was called, "Greenhouse of the Heart".  Max spoke about your heart as a greenhouse, and how to manage that greenhouse.  Your thoughts are seeds that can either become flowers or weeds... hmmm.  Got me to thinking.  I want to sow seeds of pure thoughts; positive thoughts; powerful thoughts; not negative, narrow and nagging thoughts.  The scripture he used to go with this thought, was Galatians 6:7 "People harvest only what they plant."  Something for me to chew on throughout the day... I guess that is the point of daily devotions.  

After the shower, came the yummy cup of coffee.  I make my coffee the European Cold Brew method.  Trust me, its the best EVER.  One day I will use an entire blog to describe just how its done; however, if you can't wait, then please log on to one of my favorite websites and learn: 

I slathered on moisturizer; tried dilegently to fix my hair; zipped up my boots; threw my scarf around my neck, grabbed my bag in one hand, my coffee mug in the other, told my cat goodbye and headed outdoors in the cold brisk first day of February.  Ok, it was cold to me.  46 degrees.  I know everyone East of the Mississippi is rolling their eyes at me.  I started my 5 year old little red Ford Focus, and while it was warming up I turned on the Talk Radio Station I listen to on occasion when I need to "catch-up" on what's going on in the world.  The host was talking about how he was surprised at many callers who were angry at the American people for stepping up and helping the people of Haiti.  I'm thinking, "you've got to be kidding?" I mean, who could possibly be unsympathetic and angry at those who want to help those poor people who have lost everything?  That's what America does.  That's what makes us different from everyone else!  Then the host took the next call, and it was a man that got laid off work 6 months ago, and could not find a job, and was losing his home, and he was frustrated that the American government is so quick to help everyone else in other countries that has problems, but don't take care of their own problems!  Hmmm, that kind of made me stop and ponder.  My heart went out to the man.  He was educated; went to college; paid his taxes; worked hard to provide for his family, and did all the right things.  Now when he's losing everything, no one will help him be able to keep his house.  He is having a very hard time being understanding or even wanting to scrape up anything to send ANYWHERE.  Wow... part of me can understand that too; however, surprisingly, the host mentioned that America was founded on Judail/Christian beliefs, and God says when you give when you're at your lowest and have nothing left, that's when God will bless you.  Wow, I was shocked that he said that on the air.  I wanted to stand up and cheer.  Go Mike!  He was still very compassionate to the man on the phone, but in all honesty, the man was at a point where no matter who Americans were helping, whether Haiti or Florida, it wasn't helping the man.  

It made me think: I want to be more of a giver and helper.  It seems I always have just enough to take care of me and my needs, but I wonder if I stepped out of the boat a little what would happen?  I have Josh's clothes still hanging in my closet.  (that's my late husband)... he had nice clothes that I keep meaning to box up and send with our missionary ministers when they go out, to give to the people in other countries that have needs.  Why am I putting that off?  I have books that are stored in trunks, that I have read and re-read and will probably never read again that I can donate.  Why don't I?  I don't have lots, but I do have some, and I have no need to horde the "some" when others have nothing.  

By the time I got out of my car to walk into work... I was inspired to make some changes.  I guess that's what we hope for every day when we wake up... I may not be able to change the world, but I can change my world... a little at a time.  Psalms 31:24 says "all you who put your hope in the Lord, be strong and brave."  

So be strong, and be brave today, and see what happens!

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  1. I always keep the thought that I am never without the power to give. You can give your time, you can give your love, you can give away things such as you mention in your blog, clothes, books, etc. Never without the power of's a wonderful thing. For God so loved the world that He gave....

    I enjoy reading your thoughts... you are so blessed.