Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung here in my lovely hometown.  Temperatures at night are in the 50's and during the day they climb to the low 70's.  Cool breezes; clear sunny skies; big puffy clouds!  An occasional sprinkle of showers; the desert turning green; the budding on the trees; the pollen; the sneezing; the sinus headaches!  OK, Ok I'll stop with the negative side-effects of Spring.  Back to the good things.  I've got a bad case of Spring Fever!  I don't want to stay inside, I want to be out.  I have been cleaning like a mad-woman; changing my furniture around; organizing drawers; getting rid of clothes I haven't worn for years; putting winter stuff in my trunk; planting flowers on my patio; (crossing my fingers they won't die).  I actually put on flip flops for the first time since last October!  It felt a little odd, but very nice.  Socks and panty hose are getting packed away.  Flannel pajamas are being relagated to the bottom drawer, and lighter fare is getting moved up one drawer!  I took off my flannel sheets and replaced them with 400 count Egyptian cotten!  Winter duvet came off and my pretty Spring-ish one went on.  Yellow Tulips are replacing the red flower arrangements in my living room.  Red candles are replaced by yellow ones, and my red pillows on my couch are coming off.  I'm currently looking for yellow ones.  So far, no luck.  Why is it that this time of year causes one (me) to want to refresh, replace, re-do, everything?  Possibly because God has this particular season as a season of new-life.  Forget New Years Eve... I always feel like Spring is the time to start new, and blow the dust off the old.  Our Spring season is so short here in the West, that we have to grab it and enjoy it quickly.  Too soon the temperatures will start climbing and won't come down during the nights.  100 degrees is right around the corner; I'm well aware of that, so for now, I'm lovin what we have.  
A little update:  I am on my Spring Break (1 week in between my last class and my next class).  I have decided to do some "pleasure reading".  Last week I asked my FB friends for recommendations, and I received a lovely list of good material.  Unfortunately I will only have time to truly consentrate on 1 book.  I wanted to read Liz Curtis Higgs book "Thorn of My Heart", however Borders didn't have it in.  So, I moved on to the next one on the list.  A story by Davis Bunn and Jeanette Oke called The Centurions Wife.  Its the re-telling of the story of Leah from the Bible.  So far I'm on chapter 4, and I'm finding it to be very good.  It's light reading, yet entertaining and based on Biblical truths, so I am completely enjoying it and seeing a different side to Leah than I have ever seen before.  I'll keep you posted and give a review once I'm done.  I also purchased an inspirational book for my daily devotions by Max Lucado (one of my very favorite authors).  Its his new book called "Fearless".  I'm really excited about starting his latest creation.  For now, I've got my feet propped up, my coffee cup in my hand, and the windows opened.  Curling up on the couch with my book and writing notebook, I'm looking forward to a relaxing day.  Happy journey's.

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