Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Easter Full of Surprises

"Up from the grave He arose..."  That's the song I woke up thinking about this morning.  Was it a morning like this, I wonder?  Clear blue skies, bright sunshine, cool gentle breeze, flowers blooming, and birds singing?  Did the world have any idea what was about to take place?  I wonder.  Life as we know it was forever changed that morning.  I have hope.  If their were still bones in that grave, I would have no hope.  I have a promise of life after death.  Once again, if there would have been no resurrection, death would be the end.  Everyday for a Christian is Easter.  For me, Easter is celebrated 52 times a year, not just one.  Since the calendar said Easter was today, we all dressed up a little fancier, and made plans after church for a family get-together around a lovely meal and good conversation.  All of a sudden, the chandelier started swaying, and the blinds start moving.  I felt like I was on a boat out in the ocean.  I spoke up and said "I think its an earthquake".  Immediately we left our delicious food and beautiful table arrangement, and reached for the babies and each other and stayed close together as we made our way outside.  I realized right then, that truly nothing else in this world matters except each other.  Food, finery, all meant nothing, in the face of disaster.  I realize it was really just an aftershock from a larger earthquake that had happened earlier in Baja California, but we are from AZ, so any earth shaking for us, is highly unusual and its very unsettling.  I'm from Calif and have experienced a few serious earthquakes.  They are not something I take lightly, EVER.  It truly makes you realize how totally helpless you are, and how much we need to depend on the Lord, for everything.  "Every breath I take..."  I lean on You Lord.  As a Christian, I couldn't help but remember the story of the crucifixion morning when the earth shook, and the graves opened up and the earth shuddered as the King of Kings was crucified.  This world is moaning and groaning for its soon coming day of release when it can be renovated and put back in its rightful place.  A place of pure beauty.  
Today was an amazing and lovely day; playing with my grandchildren outside. Laying on a blanket on the freshly mowed grass, catching worms and watching the bees and dragonflies lazily make their way to the flowers.  It all spoke of new life, resurrections, and re-births.  The earth shaking just made the re-birth part seem a little more real.  Like a woman in labor, shuddering to bring forth life.  Whatever God has planned for this earth, and for His children, I just want to be ready.  Yes, Easter this year, was one I'll remember for a long time.

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