Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Changes

Sophia's Birthday Cake
Yummy Pumpkin Dump Cake!

Madison Raine Torres

Sophia Chandelle turns 1
Tinkerbell is 1 yrs old!
Happy Birthday Zach

Little Madison

The happy little family!
It seems that since Christmas, I haven't had a spare moment to stop and write anything down... I'm a writer, a doodler, a jotter, a scribbler and I love new pens and pads of paper!  So not having the time to write, means I'm way too busy.   That's not always a bad thing, however, as I get older I find that writing events and moments down as they happen, are much easier than waiting 3 or 4 weeks after they've happened.  I believe the last time I blogged was around Thanksgiving.  Much has happened since then.  For starters, my darling little granddaughter Sophia turned 1 on December 14th.  Her mother and daddy threw her a delightful little party that was an expression of pure femininity.  I've posted a few pictures to show off the beautiful cake and decorations that were done with loving care by my creative daughter.  It was a beautiful crystal clear Fall day in AZ.  We were able to celebrate outdoors (the advantage of living in the Southwest), and Miss Sophia was a picture of pure sweetness and girliness!  She started walking a couple days before... so was able to make her birthday debut wearing black pattened Mary Janes.  She was simply adorable.  The food was yummy, thanks to my son-in law's great grilling technique, and the desserts were perfect.  The following week was my son Zachary's 32nd birthday!  I had a little get-together with him and Marcy, and Zoe and Jason at my place.  I made a delicious Pumpkin Dump Cake from the recipe of Paula Deen, which was absolutely amazing.  I've posted the recipe for all to try.  It's so easy and tastes as if you worked hours.  I love those kind!  We ate, opened gifts and played Taboo and laughed until our sides hurt.  What a perfect evening spent with family!  Poor Marcy was 9 months pregnant, and ready to have their baby any time, but she was a trooper and had a great time.  The baby's due date wasn't suppose to be until January 5th, however, we were all pleasantly surprised when she made her appearance on 12/28/2010.  Yes, my 3rd grandchild came into this world a healthy beautiful 7 lbs 11 ozs and 20 1/2 inches long, born at 3:14pm.  She is just a doll baby.  Perfect in every way, and we are all so thankful to the Lord for this little bundle of joy.  Marcy and Zachary are having the time of their lives enjoying every little movement, sigh, humm and stretch... everything is new and beautiful.  My son asked me yesterday if that's all baby's do is eat, sleep and poop!  I answered him truthfully and said "yep".  I can't wait to hear him a couple months from now!  :)  I've posted a few pictures of our latest addition so you can enjoy too.  

New Years Eve, I had the priviledge of having Sophia spend the night with me.  We had a lovely time playing with the famous big orange ball, reading books, hugging dolls and eating macaroni and cheese.  She was a perfect little angel.  Asleep by 9pm and didn't wake until 7am the next morning.  What a precious little thing she is.  After New Years, it was back to work and back to school.  Busy, busy, busy... I enjoyed my time off relaxing and spending time with my grandchildren, and wasn't too thrilled about the "salt-mines" but someone has to do it.  This past week was a little crazy:  lost my car keys/found my car keys; had a flat tire, only to find out it really was just low on air (had fun trying to figure out how to fill my tire up with air!  Got home, tired and cold and was dreaming about taking a nice hot bubble bath, only to find out that the hot water was off in my entire apartment complex for the next 24 hrs.  I had to go to church the next morning without a bath or shower!  Thank God for hot rollers and hairspray!  Oh the joys of the little things in life.  Well, that brings us pretty current.  God is good, and I am so thankful He watches over the little things too.  Life is really made up of a lot of little things... My devotions this week have been in Nehamiah.  Its been a long time since I've heard that story.  Pretty amazing!  A couple things I've got to look forward to over the next couple weeks, if the Lord tarries:  My sister from Louisiana is coming to town for a week!  I'm going to the Gaither Homecoming Concert at the end of the month!  And, I'm almost done with one more class.  Only 14 more to go!  

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