Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Has Arrived

Summer has arrived in Arizona! It has hit the 100 degree mark 3 days in a row; my flowers are wilting no matter how much water I pour on them; my car window screen is having to be put up in the window EVERY time I get out; sunscreen 75+ is applied several times a day to my fair Norwegian skin; the water from the faucet stays warm enough for a bath even when using "cold"; I'm wearing flip flops everywhere, and they look good! It's iced coffee in the morning; iced tea in the afternoons; salads are more appealing than a cup of soup; the sound of the ocean is a dream that I'm desiring to come true more than you can imagine, and a hammock is something I strongly feel the need for! These are the signs of Summer! I live in a state where summer is truly sizzling, but there is something really nice about it. I believe Summer should be hot...just not 6 months long. I like it to start around Memorial Day and end the day after Labor Day. When kids start going back to school (at least when I was growing up), you could tell Fall was coming by the cooler mornings and evenings; the smell in the air; the clothes on the racks in the stores. Here in the West, our kids are sweating up a storm during Halloween because its still 95 degrees out at 8pm. We take them to the mall for candy, not because it's safer, but because its cooler. We have Thanksgiving out on the patio because we can! We throw large blocks of ice into our pools to keep the temperature cool enough to make it not feel like a sauna. Oh these are the days of Summer. I remember how excited I was for Summer to come when I was young. Long lazy days of staying outside until dinner, and then rushing back out until dad blinked the porch lights, or the street lights came on. Riding our bikes everywhere; drinking out of the hose and making our own slippey slide out of large garbage bags and filling up garbage cans with water and sitting in them to stay cool. Now days, the schools keep shortening the time for Summer for our children. They start school in August and let out in May. It seems like before they get relaxed and start to really enjoy it, its' time to start going school shopping again. Kids stay indoors now much more than they use to; they watch TV, movies; play with their computers; Playstations and don't really get outside to just enjoy the great outdoors. That's too bad. They are missing so much of life.

I have such sweet memories of Summer at home and Summer vacations. We took many. I was blessed. I love Summer!

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