Sunday, June 12, 2011

Encouraging Myself

This morning's church service was beautiful. Just what I needed. "Encourage Myself". There are times when everything around you is falling apart; questions go unanswered (at least to your satisfaction); the stress builds at home, at work, in the checking account, in your mind and body, and at times it feels that you don't have a friend in the world. I realize that may be exaggerating just a little, but I've been their, and I'm sure others have too. Probably much worse. So, you can either chew on the problem or issue and gnaw on it and let it make you sick and depressed, or you can dig deep and encourage yourself. Read the Bible. Chew on the promises that God makes to you (me) specifically. Drink from the fountain of life, and listen to the One Who tells you what a treasure you are and how important you are to Him; the creator of Heaven and Earth. Pretty soon, the worries, stress, questions, concerns, problems, issues and cares of this world start to fade, and all you can do is be at peace, content, joyful, grateful, happy and thankful. I learned in the service this morning, that you don't worry about things. You take them to God, and leave them their, and move on with your life. If I try to change something, or do something, I could easily mess up something else that God has planned. It won't change His plan, but it will cause undo pain and troubles along the way, possibly that didn't need to happen. As a mom, I find myself at times wanting to give advise; voice my opinion; tell my side; manipulate in such a way to get my point across...and on and on... I may think and truly believe that something should be a certain way, and be handled in a specific fashion. I may be right; but I shouldn't worry about it, and get myself all worked up into a tither (that is a word). I should take it to the Lord, and leave it their. Trust the Lord to work all things out according to His plan; not mine. Move on; love and be at peace. It's hard to do that... I'm pretty happy and content with my life, with the exception of wishing certain things for my children. I love them, and nothing in Heaven or Earth, could ever change that. They are my joys... Sometimes hopes and dreams don't always turn out the way you wanted them to, but then again, sometimes you're surprised and pleased that they turned out the way they did. Trusting the Lord with your children is a walk of faith, and takes courage. It's not for the weak of heart. You can't force your children to do things once they are adults. They have to make those choices and decisions on their own. What I can do though, is love them, be their for them, encourage them and be their friend. If they ask for my advice or my opinion, then I'm free to share my heart; yet I must always know that they may or may not take what I've said to heart and abide by it. This is all part of growing up and letting go. The one thing that is the most important thing to me, is the relationship. Keep that relationship strong and true, and don't let anything put a wedge in and tear it apart. Being right is not always the most important thing. To be able to say "I love you, but I believe what you're doing is wrong" is not easy. Especially if there is a chance they may not want to have anything to do with you after that. Somehow as a mother, I've always tried to keep a balance. If they ask, I let them know. If they choose something different, at least they know my side, and that I still love them and will be their if they fall and need a place to heal. What most mothers want for their children, is for them to be at peace and content, with some joy and happiness squeezed in their daily life; and to be able to look at themselves in the mirror and know they are truthful and honest with themselves and others, and that they always do their best and never go to sleep with aught or hate in their heart. They need to know how to encourage themselves when their is no one else around to do it. When everything is falling apart around them, and they feel alone, they must find that place that they can go to where they find a refuge; a place of hope and contentment; a place where they know they are important and that their is a plan and purpose to their life. That place is Jesus Christ...the One Who is the giver of life; the giver of hope and joy, and the only one that can give you blessed assurance. "Take your burdens to the Lord and leave them their..." and take comfort in knowing that He heard your story, and that He is doing something about it. That is comforting, and encouraging.

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