Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ice Cream for Dinner

Tonight I did something I haven't done in a very long time. I had a big bowl of ice-cream for dinner. It wasn't the bowl you see above (I picked that picture out myself), however, mine was just as delicious looking and tasting. I had 3 scoops of Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream. After coming in from work out of 100 degree weather and fighting traffic for 30 minutes on my way home, I was craving something cool, smooth, sweet and creamy. I stuck my head in the refrigerator and really did try to get inspired to fix something. No such luck. I had already had a bowl of oatmeal with cranberries, bananas and walnuts for breakfast; a salad for lunch, and cherries and almonds for snacks. So...I felt that a nice sweet dessert was a perfect ending to my day, and beginning of my Saturday evening relaxation time! I have no regrets. It was simply delicious and perfect. Sometimes, and I say this very alone has its advantages. It would have been nice to experience the moment with someone; however, then I might have had to share my ice cream... Hmmmm.

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