Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Day Out

Today was my first real day out since June 12th. I say REAL day out, because I have actually been "OUT" of my house since then; but only for Dr's appointments and to take my son to work a couple times. Needless to say, even with the back pain, I knew I had to get out and do something for myself on this warm sunny summer morning. Don't worry; I didn't do anything strenuous or difficult... and I didn't stay out very long. I stopped by one of my favorite little coffee corners on 40th Street and Indian School, called Mama Java's, ( and had an amazing honey-vanilla latte in a huge white heavy mug, with a egg, ham and cheese sandwich on a bialey.
I sat at a little corner table (because that's all that was available) and enjoyed reading, eating and drinking to my hearts content. One thing I will mention though... Reading a Ted Dekker book while trying to enjoy your favorite latte is difficult. His books (for anyone who knows him) are very suspenseful and intense-ful, so expect your hot drink to get cold, or your iced drink to get watery. Sorry, that's just the way his books are. I should have brought a more mellow one with me! I still managed to sip and keep my eyes glued to the pages. When the pinch in my lower back became way too annoying, I knew I had to get up and move. It just so happens that my favorite dusty old book store was right down the sidewalk path! There is nothing better than the smell of old and new books all scrunched together on shelves that go from floor to ceiling. The Book Gallery (40th St & Indian School) is just a wonderful place to spend hours browsing and sitting in the random chairs Mike has positioned in the aisles. Today, I spent most of my time browsing in the children s section. It was just delightful to pull out old classics such as Peter Pan by Barre, or Alice in Wonderland. I found myself reading the Spiderwick Chronicles and just being fascinated. A first edition of the Raggedy Ann Stories and C.S. Lewis stories about Narnia & Ian Flemings Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were lovely reminders of my childhood. Peter Pan

Of course, I purchased a few books for my grandchildren to put on their special shelf at my house for when they get a little older and can be transported by imagination to some of the most wonderful places. For myself, I purchased another Rosenberg book to add to my collection. When I started feeling my feet swell and the lower back area throbbing, I decided it was time to head home. All in All, it was a lovely day, and worth every little huff an puff up the stairs to my abode. Prayer, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories will take care of the rest of the day! ;)

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