Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Something To Keep Me Occupied

It's been 30 days since I hurt my back. 30 days of not working, not playing or picking up my grandchildren; 30 days of being cautious and careful of every step I take; 30 days of not bending over to pick anything up; 30 days of no laundry duty (which hasn't been a bad thing); 30 days of waiting for my daughter to vacuum for me, load my dishwasher for me, and 30 days of my bed not being made! Ok, I realize that sounds like complaining coming out of my mouth, and guess what? It is... I'm tired of not being able to do what I normally do. I never thought I'd look forward to cleaning house, mopping the floors, and sweeping. I'm tired of sitting for 30 minutes and then getting up and having to stretch, or walk around the apartment to get the muscle kink and spasm to stop in my back. My feet are swollen all the time because its more comfortable to stand than sit... So I lay down for an hour with my feet propped up to get the swelling to go down. I've walked the circumferance of my apartment so much now, that I know exactly the number of steps it takes to cover it. I hand wash the dish, cup, silverware or pan that I use immediately in the sink because I can't bend over comfortably to put it in the dishwasher. That's actually been an OK thing to start doing. I've learned to put water in my cats water bowl from a standing position. My aim is actually pretty good! I wish my arms were longer, my knees were stronger and my back didn't hurt with every move I try to make. I don't like taking pain pills during the day because I don't want to be groggy, and I need to be tired enough to be able to sleep at night. Muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, and hydrocordone is a triple whammy combo that can numb the pain, but also sort of numbs the brain! Not a good thing for me. I'm getting out though... to see the Doctor 3 times a week. That's actually become exciting for me because it gives me a chance to get out of the apartment. How weird is that? I do not like going up and down the stairs, but have no choice if I want out. I did sneak out twice this week... Don't tell anyone... I was missing my grandbabies something fierce. I knew I couldn't play with them or carry them around, but I knew I would figure something out just to be able to see their beautiful faces. So, on Sunday late afternoon, I drove to Zach and Marcy's house and visited with my adorable granddaughter Madison for 1 hour. I watched her zoom all over the house in her walker like she was Mario Andretti in baby girl form! I watched her while she did the froggy scoot on her blanket on the floor, trying to reach her toys. She finally decided to roll over and over and over until she reached the item she wanted! It was absolutely a beautiful site! She's changing every time I see her. Zach only let me hold her while sitting in a straight back chair, and only for a few minutes. I got to feed her her afternoon juice bottle, and it was in complete bliss. The next day, I called Zoe and told her to meet me at Tryst Cafe and bring the babies for brunch! I had another 1 hr of pure bliss with my two adorable grandchildren, Yuri and Sophia. We talked, chatted, played peek-a-boo and blew kisses (since I can't bend over to kiss), and they gave my knees a wonderful hug! By the end of the 1 hour, I was ready to come home and soak in a tub, take some muscle relaxers and lay down for 2 hrs! Was it worth it??? You bet it was.

Something else I've done while being confined... I started a blog site in memory of my dad and his music! Wow! This is something my family has wanted to do for a long time... Well, not the blog per se, but to somehow let people in on the blessings and share a little about my dad and his passions... God, Family and Music. The blogsite was really my idea, but the Songbook "Each Day Is Full of Miracles" was a vision that the entire Barker family has only dreamed of. And that dream is finally coming to life. The songbook is almost ready to go to print, and then I can announce the price and order info on dad's blog: fredsnewlifesongs.wordpress.com and all those that are interested, can order one. I've seen it, and trust me when I say, it's beautiful. Dad's songs are such an inspiration of the life he lived, and his love for the Lord. I'm so thrilled that we can now share them with everyone. I'm attaching the link to my own personal blog (www.ptorresponders.blogspot.com) so you can connect.

So even though this last month has been hard, and challenging, its also been rewarding. School also is starting back for me in a week, and this will be the last leg of my educational journey. I will soon be receiving my Bachelors degree in Applied Business Management from Grand Canyon University. I'm excited to take this last tour with this school. University of Phoenix was very very good to me, and I completed more than half of my credits from their. I just needed a change, and the opportunity arose, so I took it. I will keep you posted as I go so you can cheer me on when the going gets rough. I often think of the verse that says "The Lord is an ever present help in times of trouble..." Boy isn't that the truth... So much trouble has happened over the last several weeks, but I believe this little quote to be true: "Sometimes God allows what He hates, to accomplish what He loves." Isn't that the truth?

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