Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday's To-Do List

For starter's I woke up early! That means I slept pretty good through the night, which hasn't happened in a good long while. I was able to kick my pillow wedge out from under my knees sometime around 2:30am, and I only had to have a small pillow between my knees while sleeping on my side. For all those who have suffered with ongoing back pain, you'll know what I'm talking about. Everyone else will just be raising their eyebrows about now. Oh well...

My Doctors appointment was at 8:45am, which mean that I had to be on the road by 8:00am! Yikes. Mornings are not my fastest, nor smoothest time of the day. They've never been; but it's only gotten worse since 6/12/11. D-Day! Or should I say B-Day (please don't confuse that with birthday). Maybe BB-Day is better... bad-back-day. I stretched a little, splashed water on my face, ran a brush through my teeth and hair, put my hearing aide in, my glasses on, and proceeded to get dressed. (don't worry, I won't embarrass you with the details of that one)...

I was on the road by 8:07am... not bad. I hit almost every green light, and even had time to stop at McDonalds for an iced coffee! I was feeling very good about myself, with the exception of the pain in my back every time I had to turn my head to check for traffic before changing lanes! Ouch... The Dr gave me 15 min on the table with the glorious heat pads and magic fingers! I love that thing. Then he came in and did the torturous manipulations that had me grunting and groaning. He then told me to go into the workout room and do 2 new exercises. His physically fit and handsome assistant proceeded to show me how to do them, and then waited patiently while I crawled onto the table. After seeing me for a month, he knows I'm pretty clumsy and clutzy when it comes to coordination... he knows better than to laugh at me! Yep, you guessed; it was pretty awful. So I walk out of the office looking like I've been in a fight... but actually its pretty normal. Oh, you have no idea how happy I'll be when my back gets strong enough again to get back to normals-ville.

I stopped at Einsteins and picked up a turkey, egg and cheese sandwich on an asiago cheese bagel. Yummy... I took it home, and was just ready to sit down at the table (very gingerly), when my lovely daughter walked through the door. She got the other half of my sandwich and the rest of my iced coffee! She just came by to tell me she's leaving for Tucson for 1 whole week to help her cousin who is in the hospital. I helped her find an inexpensive hotel to stay in... she was going to pay way too much for a place! I told her to let my "fingers do their magic" on the computer. Oh yes, I was able to save her a lot of mula! She was a happy girl. She left, and then an hour later, my son walked through my door. Wow... grand central station. He came by to drop off the key, and to shuffle through my refrigerator for food! Some things NEVER change, even when they grow up, and move out and have a family of their own. I was more than happy to oblige! He hugged me, and made me laugh hysterically! It made the muscles in my back start to spasm, but the laugh was certainly worth it.

After that, I started preparing for class on Monday; worked on my email; printed out some forms that have to be signed and fax'd tomorrow; stood up and walked the circumference of my apartment; drank another bottle of water; drank my cod liver oil (yummy) and now I'm thinking about dinner! Oh, somewhere in between all of that, I sat in my recliner (which I did not recline) and watched a good old fashioned war movie! I cried several times through it. It was so good, and one I had never heard of before. It was good enough in all areas that I will mention it in this blog (something I don't usually do). It's called "Only The Brave". It's the story of incredible bravery and loyalty; courage and honor...and how the men of war stand by each other during the harshest of times. I was moved deeply by it. The movie came out in 2006. It really is about the forgotten heroes of World War II.

Now, I'm going to eat, bathe, read and go to bed... in that order. Thank you Lord for a good day.

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