Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Day After Labor Day

Yesterday was Labor Day 2011. I have been resting from my labor now for 13 weeks. Not by choice, however, but by physical circumstances. I am believing I will be back to work soon. I have another injection in my back coming up (ugh), and hopefully this one will take. God is the creator of my body, and He knows exactly what is causing the pain. He is more than able to fix it. My trust is in Him. Doctor's PRACTICE medicine...so, hence, we're trying this little injection thing AGAIN. I'm not worried; just getting a bit tired of the pain, the pain meds, and not being able to do my normal everyday things! But... there is a purpose in everything that happens, so I might as well get happy!
So, back to my Labor Day blog... I was able to spend a few lovely hours watching my youngest granddaughter. Little Madison and I have a wonderful time together. It's been a while since its been just the two of us. She is just the sweetest 8 month old EVER. She's sweet nature, cuddly, and adventurous. Oh, and did I mention CUTE. She still doesn't have much hair to speak of, but she has the most beautiful blue eyes, and prettiest smile with the cutest 4 little teeth. She hums when she's sleepy, and burrows her head in your shoulder. She pats your arm when she's happy, and laughs out loud when you tickle her under her chin. She crawls and does this cute little thing where she puts her little bum way up in the air and stretches her legs straight up. I'm posting a picture of it so you can see it. She says BaBaBaba when she wants her bottle, and is making all kinds of gibberish sounds. She sits up and is already trying to pull herself up on furniture.

Yes, as you can tell, I'm just a little proud! Her mom and daddy are doing a great job. She's happy, healthy and a chunky little doll baby. Yes, I was tired when her dad picked her up; she's heavier than she was the last time I babysat her! :) I'll be so glad when my back is stronger, so I can do what Nana's are suppose to do! Play with their grandchildren! :)

My kids both had places to go on Labor Day. They were each with their family and friends, which is what the last holiday of the Summer is suppose to be about. They had fun, and were home safe by nightfall (which always makes a mom's heart at peace). Even my mom spent it with good friends and surrounded by good food. So all in all, it was a good day.

I will have to say, I am not sorry to see the Summer of 2011 wrapped up and in the books. I am tired of the heat, and am greatly looking forward to Fall and Winter. My favorite time of year.

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