Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Noticing Changes

The word "changes", according to Wikepedia (which I don't swallow easily), is a term used for a jazz chord progression. I'm a musician, so I understand that. There are times we change keys, change songs, change styles, etc... Believe me, in music, whenever their is a "change", it is usually pretty noticeable. Sometimes subtle; just adding a touch of fullness or clarity; or sometimes pretty drastic and crazy. Change almost always adds something. I'm not going to talk about music today, however, that is one of my passions. Yet, when I was thinking of "change", I was thinking in a simpler way of the weather! Yes, I noticed it yesterday while watching two of my grandchildren. Lately when they come to visit, we always stay indoors. The reason for this is simple. It's too hot outside to do anything enjoyable. When its over 100 degrees 45 days in a row, you quickly find indoor things to occupy yourself. Books, puzzles, coloring, movies, games, cottonball fights (which we happily call 'snowball fights'). We eat, often, and drink lots of fluid. My grandchildren have learned to have as much fun indoors as they do outdoors. Trust me, after being inside for so long over the last 3 or 4 months, I didn't even realize that yesterday the temperature had dropped suddenly to the mid to upper 70's. Yes, you heard me correctly. It was overcast, breezy and gorgeous. I quickly told the kiddos to put their shoes on and grab a ball, because we were going outside! They dropped what they were doing, and happily complied. We ran outside and could hardly believe the change in the atmosphere. We ran around like banshees giggling and laughing, kicking the ball and watching the wind carry it further than we anticipated. Sophia happily walked around and picked up rocks and flowers and chewed on stuff that I honestly have no idea what it was. I prayed quickly that she wouldn't bite into anything that would kill her or make her sick, and went on playing. People came out of their front doors and just stood outside and soaked it all in. They smiled, they said "hello" and others grabbed their bicycles and started riding. It was as if a change came over not only the environment, but the people in it. A softness, like a moisturizer spread over everyone. You could breath without sweating. Changes... oh so subtle, but their none-the-less. Doors propped open; windows and shades pulled back; people sitting out on their patio again... Little changes. I even noticed it in my grandkids. They ran and ran and laughed out-loud for no reason at all. They would lift their little arms up in the air and close their eyes, as if they were saying "thank you" to the One Who created it all.

As we were wrapping it all up and decided to go back inside for a drink of water, I gave them each big hugs and felt their little hearts beating strong and fast. I could sense the blood swirling through their little bodies, and knew that changes were coming. Not just in the season and weather, but in their little lives. In all of us, myself as well. Nothing stays the same for too long. Everything changes. I look forward to it with anticipation and excitement. The next two Seasons (Fall and Winter) are two of my favorites, yet they also represent some of the most difficult times in my life. Change is sometimes difficult, but its also sometimes perfectly wonderful.

If you know me at all, you know I always have a tune or song that runs through my head when I'm writing. Today, the song is called: "Everything's Changed". The only problem is I can't remember the artist who sang it or the composer who wrote it. So... if I quote it, I don't have any way to cite it properly. So... I'm going to quote only the chorus, with the complete understanding that as soon as I find the writer, I will quickly cite it and let you see all the words!

Chorus goes like this: Oh the wind will still blow through these cracks and these shutters; and the rain will get in here one way or another. But whatever happens, it won't be the same. Cause inside, everything's changed.

So, here's to changes... get ready, because their coming!

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