Friday, September 9, 2011

Proof of Life

As I was sitting here at my desk at 2:15am, not able to sleep, I decided to write a bit in my two blogs. I get a monthly email from Janet Paschal (whom I admire and respect greatly). She makes a statement in a story she wrote several years ago about a friend of hers that was injured by simply running up a set of stairs. It was an injury to her back that changed her life forever basically. The story was how her and her father (a minister) overcame this trial in their life. I was so touched by a statement that Janet made, that I just had to share it: "They were not swayed by the assault on the temporary. There focus was fixed on forever." WOW. That was so powerful for me. It made me realize and remember that this body we have right now, is really just a temporal body, in a temporal world. This one was never meant to last forever, because we have a new body that's waiting for us, and a new home that will last throughout eternity. So, for me, I see that I need to quit letting the things that happen NOW sway me to and fro, but keep my focus on what's going to last forever. How beautiful. Ms Paschal goes on to tell the experience of Philip Yancy, who was in a car accident and injured badly. The Dr's didn't give him any pain medication, but kept poking and prodding him and asking "does this hurt?". Of course, the answer was YES. The Dr kept saying "that's good, that's good." The fact that he was feeling pain, let the Dr know how bad his injuries were. The following sentence is from Mr Yancy's book, "What Good is God?" "The fact that he felt pain indicated that the spinal cord was not damaged. Pain offered proof of life, Yancey said. It was a vital sign that his body remained whole."

I have asked the questions "why, and why not" to God, as I'm sure many people have. Maybe you got the answer you wanted, and maybe you didn't. Either way, just keep Romans 8:18 forever in your heart and mind: "And our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."

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