Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Did We Lose, Exactly...

I've been thinking a lot about Eve lately.  I realize how strange that may sound.  It is sort of a culmination of a couple things.  On Sunday, my pastor made a statement about how we (the children of God) will one day get back what Adam and Eve lost in the Garden.  He's made this statement before, and I've never really stopped to ponder it too deeply.  I would typically think about Eden and what a gorgeous and perfect place it must have been.  I would reminisce about how Adam and Eve just sort of wondered around the Garden all day long... but I never REALLY thought about what was going on their, and how they lived on a daily basis.  A couple weeks ago, I found a book by an author that I've never read before, that sounded totally fascinating.  The book is called:  Havah, a book about Eve.  The author is Tosca Lee, and I had just finished a book that she and my very favorite story teller, co-authored together:  The Book of Mortals.  I was blown away by this book, so the next time I went to the Library I looked for books by Tosca Lee.  I only found one.  "Havah".  I picked it up, and started reading.  I was hooked.  On Sunday when my pastor made that statement, I was hooked even more.  

Here is a little bit of what my imagination has caught.  I could be wrong, but I'd like to think I'm right.  Adam and Eve could run along side the panther; Adam and Eve could communicate with the animals.  Not only did Adam name the animal (or call it by what it was), but I believe he also gave them their names.  I mean really, is "horse" a name or what it is?  It's no different from us.  We are "humans", and that defines us as what we are... however, we also have a name so that differentiates us from other humans.  So... the horse may have been named "Wilbur" for all we know...  Ok, I do believe Adam had a much better imagination than that. 

I also have this inkling that they were able to read each others minds.  I believe they were so in tuned to each other that they knew each others every desire.  I believe they knew the thoughts of God too.  I believe when God was happy and pleased, the Garden reflected that.  They swam and ran and never tired; they could hear everything in perfect pitch and they could see clearly everything around them.  The two of them, were in tuned with the rest of nature and the animals; and all of them were in tuned with God.  They didn't know what fear was, nor death or destruction.  They had never experienced doubt or dismay.  For that matter, they only experienced joy yet didn't even know how to express what they were feeling through words.  

All of this brings me to how horrible and heartbreaking it had to have been when they disobeyed the One that they loved so much.  In that moment, everything changed.  They knew fear, regret, remorse, grief and unimaginable pain.  They got sick, they saw death, they started doubting each other and the feeling of being betrayed was amongst them.  They were ashamed and hid from God.  What was the hardest though, was seeing the grief and sorrow in the One that brought them life.  Watching Him turn away and seeing tears and sadness in His voice.  

When I think about this, I wonder how they made it through.  The blood that covers our sins had not been shed yet, so how would they ever be forgiven?  I guess that part of the story comes later; but I've just been thinking about this over and over, and knowing more and more in my soul that I WANT BACK what Adam and Eve lost... I believe that's an amazing glimpse of heaven.  It's so hard to wrap your head around the fact that two people, so perfectly formed and perfect in all ways, could be deceived by Satan.  If he could do it to them, in the very place that God made for them, protected by God Himself, why do we think we are immune to his deceitful ways?  Even then, God was so gracious, that He allowed them to make their own choices and decisions.  Wow...   Sometimes it seems that we don't realize what we have, until we do something to lose it.  Thank God He has made a way that we can come back to Him.  

Looking forward to my future....


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