Monday, May 6, 2013

Graduation Day

May 5, 2013

I finally did it!  I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Business/Applied Management.  This past Friday was the commencement ceremony at Grand Canyon University Arena.  It was everything I hoped a college graduation would be; and then some!  Believe it or not, I was really nervous.  The last time I walked across a platform with 5,000 people watching me, was... well: NEVER.  I graduated from High School in 1977 with maybe 2000 people in attendance.  A funny thing happened while sitting with my other fellow GCU graduates awaiting the big moment.  When they started playing Pomp and Circumstance, I was swiftly taken back to my High School graduation.  I was in the band, and played the flute... so, as 700 graduating students had their names called one by one, the band played P&C continuously until ALL 700 students had walked across the platform.  Even though I was a graduating Senior, they still made me play until my name was called.  I couldn't feel my lips for a week after that.  I found it sort of ironic that my High School school colors were purple, and my University school colors are also purple.  

It was such a great moment to experience with my family.  They cheered me from the audience; snapped hundreds of pictures; bought me two bouquets of beautiful flowers; hugged me A LOT; took me to a fancy dinner, and just spent the day beaming at me.  Without their prayers, encouragement, love and inspiration, I could never have accomplished this dream.  

There were moments throughout the day that I felt a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes; but for the most part, I was able to stay strong.  My mom and my daughter, Zoe, both said they started crying when the University president had the graduating class stand up and officially told us to move our tassels from the right side of our cap to the left side.  It was a bit like when a minister announces to the congregation that the groom may now kiss the bride.  I'm not certain why that comparison goes through my head; but it does.  

I am still basking in the glow of that amazing moment in my life, and I hope it takes a long time to go away.  I wish Josh were here to see this.  I wish my daddy were here to congratulate me.  It would have been perfect if my sister Melody and baby brother Kevin could have witnessed it also, but I do understand that they have very busy lives, and travelling 1500-2000 miles for a 3 hour ceremony is a huge sacrifice.  I wish I would have told them that it was being streamed online LIVE.  That's my fault...  Well; possibly when I get my Masters, they can come down.  Yes, you heard me... this crazy thought has been going through my head the last 48 hours.  Why stop?  Why not continue?  Why not take classes in something that I really LOVE doing?  
I don't have the answer to those questions yet, however, I am praying about it.  For now, that is where that notion will stay.  In my prayers.

I am attaching a picture of me in all my regalia so you have proof that it actually happened.  I am reminded of  a line by the actor Martin Sheen when he played the President of the United States in the series called West Wing.  It was short and powerful:  "What's Next?"  

This is my prayer and desire:  "Lord, what is next in my life?"

Sincerely grateful,


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