Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nothing Weighs More Than A Secret

You gotta love the French!  They have the best quotes.  This particular quote I found very interesting and pondered over it for days.  (ok, maybe hours).   Isn't it true that language used to describe secrets tend to be things like "being weighed down" and "being burdened"?  Now trust me, this posting is not going to be a list of all those secrets I've been keeping (which aren't too many) nor is it going to be the bearing of all the secrets I've held onto for others.  So you can breathe easy.  I just found myself thinking about the times I told people close to me, certain "things" that I didn't want anyone else to know, but for some reason felt that this particular person should now have the great pleasure of "knowing" something about me that no one else knew. (hope that wasn't too complicated - it sounded good in my head)... Honestly....now I wonder if I just dumped a large load of rocks on top of them.   They are now the "burden carrier".  What if they didn't really want to know anything "secretive" about me?  What if they feel pressured and uncomfortable?  Yes, I truly did go through all of these scenarios.  I don't want people I love to be burden carriers for me, unless they truly want to be.  The only person I know of that really really really wants me to share my secrets with, is the Lord.  He is the best burden carrier EVER.  In Matthew 11:28-30, He says "Come unto me, all of you who are burdened and tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest...for my yoke is easy and my burden is light."  I love that.  We can tell Him anything and everything, and He doesn't feel burdened by it.  He will keep our secrets better than anyone.  He will remove the burden from you and somehow, someway, make you feel lighter.  He listens; He quietly takes your load and carries it for you.  How beautiful is that?

I know we all probably have a friend that you know you can tell anything to, and they will take it in and hold it close, then lock it away until you're ready to let it go.  That friend will pray for you, love you and protect your secret as long as you need it.  But just remember, people are only human.  That secret may be heavy, and a burden (a sweet burden to those who love you), but a burden none-the-less...so my pondering today, brought me to this conclusion.  (this is just my humble opinion)

Be careful about burdening those you love, too much.  Don't stop sharing with those you truly love and trust, but just know that their is One that can carry the load and you never have to worry about putting too much on Him.  His name is Jesus.  You never have to worry about the secret accidentally getting told, or a slip of the tongue...that will never happen with Him.  Yes, its nice to have a friend, spouse, companion who has skin on them (so to speak)... It takes a lot of faith to trust that someone that is invisible to the naked eye, is really listening.  

It doesn't matter how long you've been a Christian, there are times when you just need someone with skin on them to talk to, hug, take a walk with, open your heart to... No one gets that more than I do.  You are very blessed if you have someone like that in your life.  Cherish them, and put the weightier matters in God's hands.

Just thinking out loud...


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