Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sweet Sunday

On Sunday's, the alarm goes off at 7:45 a.m.  The sun has already been up for a couple hours, and the warmth from the windows tells me it's going to be another hot day.  Sitting on the side of my bed, I whisper a prayer of thanks to God for a good nights rest and another day of life.  I call out the names of my children and grandchildren, then stand up to stretch.  I know when I stand up, my right foot is going to hurt, but I also know that within a few minutes, the pain will subside to a grudging irritant.  It comes and goes, yet lately it seems to tag along like a stalker. 

Sunday's are special.  I head for the bathroom to do my normal morning routine, then head for the kitchen to start the coffee.  The stereo is the next thing pit stop.  I find my favorite station and crank up the music.  Sending a quick text to my daughter to let her know when I'll be heading her way, I go stare at my clothes closet.  This is the most distressing part of the morning.  Right now, nothing in my closet feels good except my favorite jean skirt, my grey soft t-shirt and my pair of Clarks sandals.  Our church is pretty casual, but I'm pretty sure I'd get some raised eyebrows if I showed up like that.  Even at 56 years old, I could hear my groan when the thought flitted through my head.  I quickly pull out a navy linen skirt and a hot-pink fucia colored linen blouse.  I grab my pearls, ring and watch and head to the bathroom to work on the next distressful part of the morning.  My hair. 

After trying three or four different styles, all of no avail, I finally settle on a sensible bun with soft tendrils hanging loose.  I wish I had a hairstylist as a neighbor.  I've never been creative with my hair.  I watch those You Tube videos of how to do hairstyles and just marvel in awe.  I'd need 6 hands to do most of them. 

I spritz a little perfume on, slather the spf 100 on my face, neck and arms, roll on some lip gloss, change purses, grab my keys, sunglasses, phone and coffee and head out the door.  Half way down the street, I remembered that I left the stereo blaring.  Oh well, at least the neighbors will be getting an earful of great music.

Another reason I love Sunday's is because there are no other cars on the road.  Well, there's a few, but bottom traffic.  I love driving the freeways with no traffic. 

I suppose no one is really interested in a play by play of how I spent my Sunday.  I can tell you this much, it was wonderful.  Even the heat couldn't deter me.  The only sad moment was that my grandchildren were not ready for church when I got to their house.  Their mother wasn't feeling good, and was still sleeping.  My grandson told me that he didn't dare try to wake her up because she would get crabby.  :)  I love going to church with my daughter and three of my grandchildren on Sunday's, and look forward to it all week.  So yes, I was disappointed.  I informed my grandson that church was important, and that he needed to start getting ready for church on Saturday night.  Even if his mama wasn't feeling up to it, he knew I would be their to pick him and his sisters up.  Sunday school was necessary for his heart and mind.  He solemnly agreed and gave me a hug goodbye. 

The service was wonderful.  Loved the time of worship; the specials and the sermon were each perfect in every way for me.  It was as if God reached down and planned it all just for me.  I have a wonderful heavenly Father that cares that much. 

Service got out early and I headed home.  I wasn't really hungry, but decided that a sandwich, apple and cheese slices with a glass of ice tea would be simple and light.  Then I did something I haven't done in a long time.  I decided to put on some comfy clothes and curl up on my couch and watch an old classic.  I picked out "To Kill A Mockingbird."  I was transported back to the early 1930's during the Great Depression to the fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama.  Watching a widower (Atticus Finch) try to raise his two kids (Jem and Scout) to understand that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't keep them from seeing evil.  The innocence of his children is quickly removed as they witness the dark hearts of people around them.  Their good hearts are always trying to see the good in others, yet the battle is a constant struggle that just gets stronger and stronger.  There are so many things about this story that stay with you after reading the book, that if I had to pick one I would be hard pressed.  When Gregory Peck tells his children the story about when his father bought him his first gun at "13 or 14" and tells how his father told him that it was a sin to kill the mockingbirds, I'm always moved by how he explains to Scout the reason why.  He says it's a sin to kill them because all they do is sing.  They don't hurt anyone, destroy anything nor are they a nuisance.  They just bring joy to people because they just sing and make music.   Another scene I love is when Atticus explains to Scout what a "compromise" is.  Well, you'll just have to read the book or see the movie yourself to truly appreciate great story-telling.

Now I'm finishing up a nice cup of tea, and starting to think about Monday and another work week.  Normally I would be letting out a huge groan...yet I'm feeling really good about heading off to work tomorrow.  I'm grateful to have a job.  I am healthy enough to be able to work; I have a car that is still running even though it's 11 years old and has 145,000 miles on it.  The paycheck keeps a roof over my head, food on the table, the occasional clothes shopping and necessities paid.  I don't have a lot, but I have enough, and for that, I'm grateful.  So as the sun starts to set on this day, I am at peace and look forward to a new day.

Just pondering the simple stuff...

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