Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It's that time of year when I start dreaming of being anywhere but here.  Right now my heart is set on Hawaii.  It really doesn't matter which island in Hawaii, I just want to go.  Now.  I came home from work, turned my laptop on and started looking up airfares from Phoenix to the gorgeous 50th state.  I have to admit I was a little surprised at the cost.  So many people go on vacation their, I guess I would have thought it would be less expensive.  Well that probably gave you a little clue as to how little I travel.  Hawaii and Alaska are the only two states left that I haven't been to.  The cold climate of Alaska doesn't really inspire me.  Maybe a cruise trip one day would be nice.  So #49 will have to wait; however, #50 is the one looming in my mind and heart right now.  After seeing the prices for a ticket, I decided I need to plan ahead.  I checked out a few Bed and Breakfast places that looked amazing, and of course I had to map out the restaurants and Food trucks that I have planned to eat at.  Leonard's Bakery ( is on the top of my list for their famous malasadas (Portuguese donuts) and of course I have to try Helenas Hawaiian Food restaurant.  It's been in Honolulu since 1946 and the locals eat their.  It also was a James Beard Award recipient in 2000.  Every review I have read about this little hole in the wall mom and pop restaurant was a 5 star review. Check out their website  Hawaii has amazing sweet shops for pastries.  One that I definitely want to try when I go is Liliha Bakery Coco Puffs.  Yep that's actually what the place is called.  I have heard that the coco puffs are unbelievably delicious.  Word has it that they sell between 4800 and 7200 every day.  Some people (locals) refer to them as "the magic puff".  .  From what I understand, the chocolate-filled puffed pastry cannot be explained.  You just have to try them to believe them.  Well, they are on my list.  Sounds like I'm going to gain about 40 lbs when I go.

Along my research journey, I found a few b&b's that caught my attention.  They are pretty pricey unless you decide to go for more of a house that rents rooms and everyone shares a bathroom, kitchen and living area.  More like a hostel, but nicer.  I'm not opposed to that.  I mean how much time are you going to spend indoors when you're in Hawaii.  Really?  Just make sure I have a room with a view of the ocean and I can actually hear the waves crashing.  Honestly, I'd be disappointed if I couldn't have at least that.  Also, I don't want to climb 30 steps and 3 landings up to my room.  Many of the b&b's are high up.  I don't think I could carry my luggage up 30 steps.  If I didn't have a bumm knee, and painful plantar faciitis in my right foot, I'd say "no problem."  So, I will keep searching.

I've been reading about Oahu.  I'm thinking I'll probably try that island out first.  If I really like it, then when I go back a 2nd time I'll try another one.  As most of you know, I love all things beachy.  Lighthouses, sand, waves, seashells, hammocks, big hats, ocean breezes, shrimp, halibut, lobster, flip flops, cool skirts, cooler tops, coconuts, papayas and most of all, I love island music.

I think I'm going to love planning my next get-away sometime in April (around my birthday) 2017.  Lord willing, of course.  I'm counting the cost; putting a plan in place to start saving; and getting my health in good condition so I can walk all over the island without a glitch.  Oh I'll rent a car...maybe a convertible, but I know I'll be doing a lot of walking, and hopefully some bike riding too. I'm so excited.  I will keep you posted on a few of the places I'm thinking of staying.

Here's to dreaming big!

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