Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Conversations with a Five Year Old

Wednesday's are always such a joy.  It is my day to pick up my granddaughter, Madison, from school.  We have 3 glorious  hours to spend together, doing whatever we want.  We may stop at a diner to get a cheeseburger and fries, or Dairy Queen to get an ice cream cone.  After that, we'll head to the park and swing.  We love swinging.  We run (she run's and I do a brisk walk).  Sometimes we just take a book and sit under a tree and read.  Let me rephrase that...I try to read while she talks.  She can't help herself.  She's a conversationalist.  She gets that from her daddy.  Madison has always been precocious.  It must be that 1st born nature.  She is very aware of people.  Whether they are happy, sad, sick, tired, angry, etc...Nothing gets by her.  As an adult, I find myself totally mesmerized by this child.  She's hilarious; smart; witty; clever and so full of energy and determination.  I rarely ever hear her cry.  When she falls, she immediately pops up like a jack-in-the-box and says, "I'm ok!"  No one can make me laugh like Maddie can.  The other day she was telling me about the new letter they had learn in class.  W.  She wrote the letter for me and made the sound and gave me a few examples of words that started with "W".  I decided from then on, we were going to play a game whenever they learned a new letter.  At first we just took turns coming up with 1 word that started with that letter.  I learned in the first 10 minutes that this was way too easy for her.  So...I decided to change it up a little.

Now we had to take turns making a sentence that used only words that began with a "W".  She looked at me and said,
"Ok Nana, you first."
The challenge was on.  She's 5 years old, right?  So I decided to go easy on her.
"What were you whispering to Winifred?"
She looked at me and started laughing.  She informed me that I was hilarious.  I looked at her and said,
"Ok, smarty pants, it's your turn."
 She turned around and stared at the wall for about 10 seconds.  I figured she probably just lost interest and would ask if she could go draw a picture or something.  Instead she turned around with a big smile on her face and said
"Willy Wonka was a wacky warrior."
It was silent for about 3 seconds.  Then we both burt out laughing and we high fived each other.  She was amazing!  From that point on, we played the game for hours.  She's 5 and it didn't matter one iota that I came up with a sentence that said,
"William Wallace was the  wiliest warrior in the world,"
She would crack up laughing and say
"that's so funny Nana."
She doesn't know who William Wallace is from Adam, but she caught the reason why I used the name.  Obviously it was an amazing 3 hours.  The next week the letter was Q.  That was fun.
"The Queen used the quill to write a question for the quiz."
I know, I know...the sentences got longer and stranger as the hours progressed.  Bottom line though? It was a great way for her to learn the different sounds of the letters, and all of the unique and crazy words that can be imagined.  Did they make sense?  Are you kidding?  To most people, no.  To us? Absolutely!

As we were sitting across from each other sipping our drinks this afternoon, she wanted to know if her grandpa Mike had ever met her grandpa Josh.  I told her no, they had never had the opportunity to meet each other before her grandpa Josh went to heaven.  She quickly informed me that she believes when her grandpa Mike gets to heaven, that both her grandpa's will become best friends.  I advised her that I totally believed that.

Madison then quickly let me know that her grandpa Mike has no teeth.  As serious as a heart attack, she informed me not to worry though, because Grandpa Mike has "fake teeth" that he can "pop" in his mouth whenever he needs them.  I just sat back and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  The next question that came out of her sweet mouth was this.
"Nana, does Arizona have tornadoes?"
I tried to explain that we do not have tornadoes; but, sometimes we have micro-bursts.  Lots of wind, rain, lightning, etc... She just looked at me and said,
"so Arizona has little tornadoes?"
I said, yes, as opposed to big tornadoes that happen in places like Oklahoma and Kansas.  She wanted to know what happened to the people when a tornado came through.  I informed her that most places that have lots of tornadoes, typically have some sort of shelter under the ground where they go for safety.  I told her that they had food and water and sleeping bags and stayed inside until it was safe to come out.  She looked very solemn and advised me that she would not like living in a place that had tornadoes.
Just like that, her little mind was on to the next thought that entered her head:
"What was the first thing you said to daddy when he got married?"
Wow!  What?  I had to remind myself that she was a 5 year old.
"Well, I said congratulations!"
She smiled and looked at me and said,
"Nana, I thought you would have said, "Thank the Lord he finally married mama."
I looked at her trying my best to keep a straight face and said,
"That was the 2nd thing I said to him."
She giggled and threw her arms around me.

Maybe it's a first born thing, or maybe it's because she has 2 older siblings 15 and 17 years old, but she talks like an adult in many ways, and is way too concerned and worried about things that a 5 year old should not be worrying about.  I constantly pray that her little mind will stay protected from the harsh realities of this world for a few more years, at least.

I'm so grateful that she is smart and sensitive yet still loves to run through an open field and just laugh and yell at the top of her lungs. She adores her mom and dad and loves her little sister.  She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.  She's afraid of the ocean because that's where the sharks live.  (that one I fault her older sister who is a shark fanatic).  She loves Elsa from Frozen and has known every single word in the the song "Let It Go" since the movie first came out.  (I think she was 2).  She is such a joy to my life, and I cherish our days together.  I adore each of my 5 grandchildren equally; yet each of them have a unique and special relationship with me.  Madison makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes with words and wit.  She is generous with hugs and kisses and giving random compliments.  She makes me feel very special.  I pray that the bond between granddaughter and grandmother will forever be strong and true.

The mind of a 5 year old is filled with conversations that are true works of art.  My days are better because of them.

Just thinkin out loud...

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